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Kickin' It Right: High-Top vs Low Top Wrestling Shoes

Optimize your wrestling edge: High-top versus Low-top shoes. Step into the ring with confidence in the perfect fit. Take your game to new heights!

Kickin' It Right: High-Top vs Low Top Wrestling Shoes - funky flickr boyz

Yo, wrestling champs! Strapping on the right pair of wrestling shoes is like choosing your battle armor – it's gotta be a perfect fit for your style, agility, and, of course, the funky moves you unleash on the mat. Today, we're diving into the epic showdown between high-top and low-top wrestling shoes. Get ready to rock the mat with the freshest kicks that match your flair!

High-Top Wrestling Shoes


  1. Ankle Support - Rock Those Twists and Turns

High-top wrestling shoes are like bodyguards for your ankles, giving you that extra layer of protection when you're pulling off those insane twists and turns. If you're all about throwing down some killer moves and need stability like a rockstar, high-tops got your back – or should we say ankles?

  1. Additional Stability - Solid Ground for Power Moves

The extended design isn't just for show; it's your secret weapon for maintaining a rock-solid stance, perfect for power moves that leave your opponents in awe. When you're out there grappling and throwing down, you want that extra stability to own the mat – high-tops deliver the goods.

  1. Style and Tradition - Classic Vibes

High-tops aren't just shoes; they're a statement. Embrace that classic wrestling vibe and let your opponents know you're paying homage to the wrestling gods. If you dig the timeless look that screams tradition, high-tops are your ticket to wrestling heritage coolness.

Kickin' It Right: High-Top Wrestling Shoes - Funky Flickr Boyz


  1. Weight - Heavy Metal or Light on Your Feet?

Brace yourself; high-tops can be a tad heavier. If you're the Flash on the mat, the extra weight might slow down your lightning-fast moves. For those who thrive on speed and agility, the weight of high-tops might feel like carrying a boombox while breakdancing.

Low-Top Wrestling Shoes


  1. Agility and Flexibility - Dance Like No One's Watching

Low-tops are like dancing shoes for the mat – light, nimble, and ready to bust out some funky moves. If agility is your game, low-tops are your groove partners. When you're dodging, flipping, and sliding across the mat, low-tops give you the freedom to move like a wrestling ninja.

  1. Breathability - Keepin' It Fresh

Shorter design equals more ventilation. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and hello to a fresh breeze while you're dominating the ring. If you're all about staying cool and collected during those epic battles, low-tops bring the breathability game.

  1. Modern Aesthetics - Sleek and Chic

Low-tops are the runway models of wrestling shoes – sleek, modern, and ready to strut their stuff. If you're into the contemporary vibe, low-tops got that swag. Step onto the mat with style, and let your low-tops make a statement that screams, "I'm here to own this wrestling runway!"

Kickin' It Right: Low Top Wrestling Shoes - Funky Flickr Boyz


  1. Ankle Vulnerability - Freedom with a Dash of Risk

While low-tops give you freedom, that ankle coverage takes a hit. If you've got a history of ankle woes, you might be trading stability for flair. For those who live life on the edge and don't mind a bit of ankle vulnerability, low-tops bring that rebellious spirit.


Alright, wrestling maestros, the battle between high-top and low-top wrestling shoes is as epic as a tag-team showdown. Whether you're vibing with the ankle-hugging support of high-tops or the freewheeling moves with low-tops, it's all about finding your wrestling rhythm. 

Try both styles, feel the funk, and let your shoes be the ultimate expression of your mat mastery. 

Now go out there, strut your stuff, and leave an impression that's as funky as your wrestling style!