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Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide

Discover the ultimate funky guide to wrestling gear for beginners! From mats to singlets and wrestling shoes, we've got everything you need to kickstart your journey with style and flair!

Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide

So, you've stepped onto the mat, ready to grapple, slam, and suplex your way to wrestling glory! But hold on, grappler-in-training, before you dive head first onto the mat (safely, of course!), you need the right wrestling gear to match your inner champion spirit. Fear not, funky freshmen, for this guide is your one-stop shop for outfitting yourself for wrestling greatness!

First things first, the essentials!

Wrestling Singlet / Rashguard: Think of this as your second skin, but way funkier! Choose a wrestling singlet (think sleeveless leotard) or rashguard that's comfortable, breathable, and allows for maximum movement. Remember, this is your chance to express your wrestling spirit, so don't be afraid to rock bold colors, crazy patterns, or even custom designs! Sometimes your outfit can strike down your opponent’s confidence first, just like this FFB ``Phantom" Singlet.

Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide


Wrestling Knee Pads / Knee Sleeves: Wrestling knee pads and knee sleeves are optional but recommended for beginners, especially for those high-impact moves. Think of them as your personal cheerleaders on the mat, boosting confidence and cushioning those epic dives and takedowns. Always remember to test and choose comfortable wrestling knee pads that won't restrict your movement - you'll want to unleash your inner champion without feeling held back!


Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide

Headgear: Ever seen a cauliflower ear? Not exactly the souvenir you want from the mat, right? That's where your funky friend, wrestling headgear, comes in! This bad boy shields your noggin' and ears from nasty bumps, bruises, and even those grabby-grabby fingers during practice or competition. Again, it is optional, but some gyms or styles might require it. Think of it as a funky crown for your wrestling prowess!


Wrestling Shoes: Wrestling shoes are the foundation that adds magic to your grappling game! Do remember that grip is key when it comes to wrestling shoes! Make sure you get wrestling shoes specifically designed for your wrestling style, with good traction and ankle support, to avoid those nasty slips and twists. Too add flame to your style, you can rock on with our wide range of funky wrestling shoes in purple, green, and many other funky colors.

Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide

Beyond the basics

Mouthguard: Safety first, friends! Protect your pearly whites with a properly fitted mouthguard. Bonus points for sparkly ones (yes, they exist!).

Wrist Supports: For those intense training sessions, wrist supports can offer extra stability and prevent strain. Choose ones that match your singlet or tights for maximum style points.

Accessories: Let your personality shine! Funky socks and headbands all act to unleash your inner wrestling fashionista. Just remember, safety comes first, so avoid anything too loose or dangling that could get caught.


Wrestling Gear For Beginners - A Funky Guide

Remember, beginner:

  • Comfort is king: You'll be moving, rolling, and sweating, so prioritize wrestling gear that feels good on your body.
  • Start simple: Don't break the bank just yet. Invest in the basics and build your collection as you progress.
  • Style matters: Express yourself! Wrestling is a performance art, so rock wrestling gear that reflects your personality.
  • Safety first: Always prioritize proper fitting and protection to avoid injuries.

Bonus tip: Check out Funky Flickr Boyz wrestling gear. There's a treasure trove of funky finds waiting for you!


Now get out there, grab your funky wrestling gear, and get ready to suplex your way to wrestling fame! Remember, the most important piece of wrestling gear you’ll always need is your passion and drive. Have fun, stay funky, and pin down your wrestling dreams!