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Wrestling Shoes & Wrestling Gear: Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used

Discover the pros and cons of buying new vs. used wrestling gear, including used wrestling shoes. Make an informed decision for your performance and budget!

Wrestling Shoes & Wrestling Gear: Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used wrestling shoes

So you're thinking of stepping onto the wrestling mat? Hold on, grappler-in-training, because before you throw down, you need to gear up! Wrestling is a blast - a total body workout that pits you against your opponent in a battle of skill and grit. But unlike thumb wrestling on the couch, you'll need some proper wrestling gear and wrestling shoes to avoid ending up smelling like a locker room and looking like a fashion disaster.

Now, you might be tempted to grab some used wrestling gear and used wrestling shoes to save some cash, but hold your horses! While it sounds like a budget-friendly option, it can end up costing you more in the long run.

Why Buying Used Wrestling Gear And Used Wrestling Shoes Might Not Be Your Best Move:

Funky Fresh or Funky Foul? Used wrestling gear and used wrestling shoes can be a germ factory. Sweat, skin, and bacteria love to hang out in fabric, leaving you with a less-than-pleasant odor and potentially even some nasty skin issues.

Fits Like a Glove, or Fits Like a Potato Sack? Used wrestling gear and used wrestling shoes can be stretched out and misshaped, leaving you wrestling your clothes instead of your opponent.

Pricey Pre-Loved? Don't be fooled! Often, used wrestling gear and used wrestling shoes are still overpriced for what they are - worn out and potentially damaged.

Investing in New Wrestling Gear And New Wrestling Shoes: Worth the Splurge

Sure, new wrestling gear and new wrestling shoes might cost a bit more upfront, but they’re an investment in your safety, comfort, and performance. Here's what you'll need to get started:

New Wrestling Shoes: 

Wrestling Shoes & Wrestling Gear: Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used wrestling shoes

These are your grappling boots! They provide grip, support your ankles, and keep you on your feet during those intense takedowns. Don't underestimate their importance!

Here are a few new wrestling shoes from Funky Flickr Boyz you can check out:

FFB Interlude "Wolverine" Wrestling Shoes

Named after their fierce blue and yellow accents, these wrestling shoes embody the relentless spirit of a Wolverine. Built for maximum flexibility, support, and grip, they'll have you feeling like you can walk on walls (don't try that, safety first!).

FFB Interlude "Panda" Wrestling Shoes

Named after their iconic black and white color scheme, these shoes are guaranteed to complement any singlet and turn heads (hopefully not your opponent's; you need those focused on the takedown!). But looks aren't everything - these shoes are built to dominate!

Here's what makes these bad boys the ultimate wrestling companion:

Funkknit Technology: Forget those funky-smelling and ill-fitting wrestling shoes of the past. The revolutionary materials embedded in these wrestling shoes hug your feet like a second skin, providing an unparalleled fit, breathability, and support. No more slipping and sliding, just pure wrestling domination.

Unlimited Traction Split Sole: Say goodbye to mat mishaps! These grippy beasts will keep you planted on the mat like a tree, no matter how intense the takedown is. Get ready to annihilate your opponent with confidence (and a high dose of flair).

Revolutionary Design and Materials: We didn't mess around when crafting these wrestling shoes. We combined proven wrestling know-how with cutting-edge technology to create wrestling shoes as durable as they are performant. 

Product Details:

Made for Champions: Premium microsuede leather, polyester, nylon, and rubber come together to create wrestling shoes that can handle the toughest matches.

Fit: True to size, but if you're feeling a little adventurous, go for a half-size smaller for an even snugger fit.

Now let’s shift the focus to gear!

New Wrestling Gear:

Crafted for the ring, our new wrestling gear offers durability, flexibility, and protection to keep you at the top of your game, ready to tackle any opponent. Don't overlook the vital role of your wrestling gear in your wrestling journey! 

Wrestling Shoes & Wrestling Gear: Pros and Cons of Buying Brand New or Used wrestling shoes

Here’s what you’ll need:

Singlet: Your second skin on the mat. Made from comfy, sweat-wicking material, it keeps you cool and dry while letting you move freely.

Mouthguard: Protect your pearly whites! A good mouthguard can save you from a dental disaster and a hefty bill.

Headgear (optional): While not always mandatory, headgear offers extra protection for your ears, head, and jaw. It's like a helmet for your noggin!

Final Tip: Remember, wrestling is about having fun and pushing your limits. Gear up properly, stay safe, and get out there to dominate the mat! Now go forth, grappler, and conquer your wrestling goals!