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Funky Flickr Boyz is the worlds funkiest designer, marketer, and distributer of authentic wrestling footwear, athletic footwear, apparel, equipment, and accessories in the sport of wrestling.

Funky Flickr Boyz is widely known throughout the wrestling community as being at the cornerstone of wrestling gear and wrestling culture. Funky Flickr Boyz blossomed from an online wrestling community around 10 years ago. This community now consists of tens of thousands of wrestlers all across the world who interact, form relationships, talk wrestling, and buy/sell/trade wrestling gear with one another. The community is centered around promoting creativity, exclusivity, and uniqueness in the wrestling community. With all of this being said, the Funky Flickr Boyz Gear brand embodies this community: creative, exclusive, and unique.

The Funky Flickr Boyz Gear brand has been around for over eight exciting years. The company was founded by, wrestling culture pioneer, Jeffery Estrada. Jeff grew Funky Flickr Boyz into what it is today. In early 2019, Jeff realized it was time to grow Funky Flickr Boyz into new verticals and expand. He ended up selling the company to Wrestle Boutique, the fastest growing wrestling gear provider in the world. Like Funky Flickr Boyz, Wrestle Boutique is known for it's exclusivity and high-quality, it was a match made in heaven. Connor Boike, the owner of Wrestle Boutique, is one of the original members of the Funky Flickr Boyz community. During his time as a collector, he accumulated over 500 different pairs of wrestling shoes and countless singlets/other wrestling pieces. He is extremely excited to apply his expertise to the Funky Flickr Boyz Gear brand.

Connor Boike has made the strategic decision of aligning Funky Flickr Boyz Gear and Wrestle Boutique. Moving forward, Funky Flickr Boyz will be the parent company and Wrestle Boutique will an exclusive sub-brand.